Mischief Managed?
What exactly happened here?
They Can't Stop Killing Thane
Oh my fuck, the courtyard.
Banished, the Role Playing Game
We fuck around at home.
Fitting in to Saxuly
Flaming rats, oh fuck!

The group arrives in Saxuly, and, after speaking to a lovely Lee-Arian woman, get directed to the town library.

At the library, they find the town Community Board (a place citizens can post new baby announcements and other such ads) and the Mercenary Board.

Three jobs the group takes interest in:

  1. Kill dire rats in the Warehouse: 500st to destroy all the rats +50st for destroying the nest.
  2. I need mushrooms!: 10st/mushroom.
  3. Overnight animal babysitting: 20st/night.

Owen and Thane are sent to check out #3, while Sidney and Colin check out the mushrooms and dire rats.

The rest of the group decides to research in the library, finding information on Linnorms (dragon-like creatures) and the previous Kings and Queens “from the stars”. Bunny, with assistance from Devyn, finds the name of one of the King’s Retainers, Konuhae. The two make the leap that the Professor seems to have the same name.

Bunny approaches the professor, and finds that he is indeed the Xelian Retainer. He doesn’t know why he’s been brought back, but he is sad to discover it’s been “352 years”.

Everyone meets back up at the library to discuss which jobs they’re going to take. Jordan has managed to sneak out and find his own job in the harbor cleaning barnacles off the ships for 50st a week. It’s decided that Owen, Thane and Rena will take the babysitting job, while Bunny, Sid, Colin and Kane will trade in the mushrooms and root out the dire rats.

The dire rat job is a little bit more work than the group anticipates once they make it to the bottom floor. The warehouse owner, a smuggler by trade (unknown to our adventurers) has barrels upon barrels of gunpowder stored underground, while one fourth of the top floor is taken up by jugs of moonshine. The rats have infested the bottom floor, a large hole in the middle of it with cloth and burlaps making a nest for them.

An arrow from a bow comes at Colin (who is in Badger form), narrowly missing him. The group finds a small, ratty girl hiding up on some shelves and begin to take steps to subdue her. Meanwhile, Bunny has discovered the contents of at least one barrel and begins formulating a plan. Taking the lid off the barrel, she rolls it toward the rat nest, and Sidney sparks it.

Chaos breaks out, with Kane scrambling to hold the druid girl, trying to drag her to safety, and Bunny and Colin making a break for it. Sidney stays behind to try and guide the fire, trying to stop it from reaching the moonshine on the top floor. Leaving the girl with Bunny, Kane and Colin come back to assist.

The initial explosion from the gunpowder alerts the authorities, and the guard captain from Mulden come to investigate and assist.

The truth of the situation becomes clear over the next few days, with the fire out and the small group almost regarded as heroes. The druid girl was in one of the gunpowder barrels, shipped from Cagoria. Upon finding herself in the warehouse, she decided it would be a good place to live and set her rats out to begin nesting and breeding.

The group is given a piece of land to live on (after declining the ownership of the warehouse), and they decide to build a house and set up permanent living place. The Professor disappears, and a couple of weeks later, two sages come to try and train the group in their abilities and magic.

Time passes.


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